Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters (COSCUP) is an annual conference held by Taiwanese Open Source community since 2006. It’s a major force of Free software movement advocacy in Taiwan. The event is often held in two days, with talks, sponsor and communities booths, and Birds of a feather (computing). The chief organizer, staffs, and speakers are all volunteers.

Moreover, we are looking for talks in several open-source related areas. welcome to join us for celebration.

COSCUP aims to provide a platform for connecting Open Source coders, users, and promoters, and to promote FLOSS with this annual conference. No matter if you are an Open Source coder, a devoted promoter, an enthusiastic user, or just a newcomer - We welcome you to be part of COSCUP!

※<COSCUP Code of Conduct
COSCUP believes that "respecting all people" is the most basic social consensus. On this basis, we promote equal interaction, maintain community values, prevent the occurrence of inappropriate incidents, and avoid any form of discrimination or harassment of all participants.