COSCUP 2023 Call for Participation

COSCUP 2023 community program (till March 24th) / booth (till June 2nd) is open for applications now, please grab the opportunity if you are interested in joining us this year!

Community Room

Community Rooms are assigned to self-organizing groups to work, share, and discuss issues around an open-source-related topic.

You can decide the content and format in your Community Room.

You can decide the duration of each section and the whole schedule in your Community Room.

What's new in COSCUP 2023

This year at COSCUP we have some new guidelines, please make sure you have read the this document through prior --register, by submitting the application, you hereby agree to and accept the following terms and conditions

This year we have in place Early Bird CFP are for oversea speakers, if your organization have suitable talks, we will prioritize to review your talk

Start this year, please list out each session time on your conference schedule

COSCUP is welcome each community member as well as organization to share all the info regarding COSCUP, including use independent CFP system, separate website dedicate for COSCUP events, or ticketing system, only to ask on any channel to list COSCUP as the primary event host, also behold the spirit of COSCUP make the invitation inclusive and open for everyone.

Please reinforce our code of conduct to all the COSCUP community members,we expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.

For more guideline, please read [Here](

Changes in COSCUP 2023

This year is based on the model of COSCUP 2022, welcome to ask any questions or give us any feedbacks, please contact us on

This year we create Open Hour to replace last year’s bi-weekly meeting.

This year CFP will provide contact information of each community members who are hosting the track to connect conference attendees to community members.

This year we are having sharing session from our past community members to give back the insights and knowledge to help the newbies who are new to COSCUP.

Key Dates

- March 01st: Call for Community Track and Booth!
- March 10th: Collaboration briefing
- March 24th: Deadline for Community Track Application
- March 25th:
     - Accepted Community Track announce
    - Community open hour start !
-  March 31st: 
    - Community Room coordinators provide information of Call for Proposal
    - Prime Session Speaker Recommendation Open 
- April 14th: Call for Proposal Announce
- April 21st: Call for Proposal Start
- May 19th: Deadline for Call for Proposal
- June 2nd: Deadline for Call for Community Booth
- June 23rd: Community Room coordinators provide the accept submissions and complete schedule
- July 1st: Full schedule published on (TBC)
- July 29-30 COSCUP 2023!

Application Guidelines


Any group or organization wanting to host a track at COSCUP will adapt a room at the conference hosting venue. Below you will see the community room multiple times. Community Room schedules should contain about 6 hours of content, depending on the availability. You can decide each session duration, breaks are nice to have, but not a requirement.

We do not plan for rooms to be empty during the event. By applying for a Community Room you are making a commitment to fill the schedule.

If you don’t think you can fill the agenda up, please try to join up with another project and submit a joint application, or indicate on the submission form that you are requesting only half-a-day and would like COSCUP 2023 to pair you up with another similar request for half-a-day.

Community Room coordinators must provide a complete agenda to the program team by Mid-June. (A template will be provided.)
Call for (talk) proposals

Once your application has been accepted, you will need to provide all the required information in the proposal submission system(Pretalx) before March 31st. All the talk proposals should be submitted via COSCUP’s official CFP form.

As usual, we will record most (/all, if possible) of the talks, and the recordings will be published under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. If, exceptionally, there is a reason why any particular speaker or discussion should not be streamed or recorded, you must seek our agreement before including this in your schedule as such permission is unlikely to be granted.

Coordinators / Volunteers

Please include the contact information of 2 community members on the application as the coordinators. The coordinators will be the main contact people, and (at least) one of the coordinators should be present in the Community Room during your slots.

Also, starting from 2019, the coordinators need to find volunteers in your community to take photos of speakers / keep the video cam rolling. In response to the paperless notion for environmental protection, the COSCUP authority uses an electronic agenda, where the advertisement of sponsors would be broadcast.

In order to encourage community participation in various communities, this year COSCUP hopes to have more diversified communication and cooperation, so that everyone can have a better feeling and experience of cooperation!

This year at COSCUP we work tirelessly to create a more inclusive environment where we welcome a variety of voices and ideas.

We have created a few new innovative ideas to better collaborate with our community members to grow our open source footprint and build a larger open-source community.

New Items are below

 ### Community Open Hour
We are providing weekly meeting service for our community members to ask away all the Qs and while we’re giving away all the As. This Q&A focused open hour is here to help bridge the gap between community members and all things COSCUP, especially remote work, is going to be the primary way of our working style. It’s an important avenue for effective communication to help our community members to receive all the updates,ideas,suggestions to create a better experience for everyone.

 How to host a track at COSCUP Workshop/ Past community members experiencing Sharing
We will host a half day workshop on how to organize a track at COSCUP as community members. To provide a centralized platform to share information and invite past members to share their valuable insights to create a rich information resource that is easy to access and use. With the helpful workshop and past members coming together to share their knowledge a more productive journey sure will begin to flourish.

We will inherit few past traditions as well.

### COSCUP GOOGLE Meet Meeting
ALL the community members are invited to COSCUP weekly google meeting.

### Prime Session Speaker Recommandation
COSCUP 2023 we will contiue to ask community members to nominate any speakers to give a talk on COSCUP prime session. This year, community members will need to invite speaker to give a talk on your track first, then you can recommend to COSCUP program staff as prime session speaker. For more details coming soon~

### Open Google Calendar
We will organize a public google calendar to mark all the important deadlines and meetings to share within all the community members.

Community Booth

Besides the exciting sessions, COSCUP is also a community connected with all Free/Libre/Open source software(FLOSS).

For FLOSS communities, you mustn’t miss this chance to set up a booth in COSCUP is a great opportunity to introduce yourself, display your work, and connect with thousands of open source contributors and hobbyists all around Taiwan.
Key dates

- March 1 : Call For Community Booth
- April 21 : First Accepted Community Booth Annocement
- June 2 : End of Applicatoin for Community Booth
- Mid June: Community Booth Admission List Announcement

### Application Guideline

Applicants need to represent a FLOSS (Free software/open source related) community or non-profits that use or promote free software or open-source software.

The booth must be manned anytime during the conference. Please ensure your goods and valuables during and prior to the conference, COSCUP is not responsible for any losses during the event.

You will need to get approval from COSCUP for any vocal or sound effects playing or food provided within the exhibition areas.
Items provided

One table (180 x 60 cm), with two chairs. Tables might probably share with other communities if necessary.

At least ONE 110V AC socket (Total power consumption mustn’t exceed 550W), bring an own power strip if it is needed.

Further information would be provided if applicants are adopted.

Questions? Drop us a line: program at