COSCUP 2024 early bird CfP

COSCUP 2024 early bird CfP

Welcome to the Call for Proposals of COSCUP 2024!

This year as past years, we are open to all kinds of proposals related to open sources.

All the talks will possibly be recorded and the video clips will be released under YouTube CC:BY-SA 4.0. Except for the specific tracks, the preset time of the speech is 30 minutes, and the speech time of the specific track can be selected in the CFP form. If you have something in your talk that cannot be recorded or released under CC, please do leave a note in your proposal.


For better communication with the global community, we require English information for accepted sessions this year. Once your talk accepted, we might ask you to provide further information about your session in English.

You may, however, use the language you like to give your speech or write your proposal at the CfP stage.


  1. The event date will like to be in the end July. Specific time will be determined in the nearly soon.
  2. We will notify you the CfP result after the deadline (2024 Q1).

You can enter proposals until 2024-03-31 13:38 (UTC), 4 months from now.